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Model : MATRIX 45s
Voltage : 575V / 3Ph / 60Hz

Shear line has hydraulic power unit and digital control panel with its sensitive cutting ability length of 12 meters rebars. It also has the features that raising the effectiveness of technologic breakthroughs, decreasing the production cost of the steel factories that dealing with cutting steels and long life expectancy and user friendly setup & usage purposes.

All GMS products make a difference with the advanced production systems, long lasting usage and the ergonomic design which makes economical gains to user. GMS products shape the future with high technology strandards.MATRIX 45 S is the exact result of such production and you can see the all technology proofs from bottom to the top of the product.


%95 of the total production of this machine realizes in GMS factories and decreases the costs.

All extra costs such compressor and air systems decreases because of the usage of hydraulic power units in the machine

Decreases the labor costs with the cutting speed, rebar cutting quantity and number and ergonomic design

Makes more economical gains with the 8 faces unbundled blade system which consists of different 10 blades only exist in MATRIX 45 S.

MATRIX 45 S designed for long life expectancy and gives smart solutions to user


MATRIX 45 S provides long life expectancy with the high quality equipments and production

One piece heat treated steel monoblock cutting body provides high endurance and protect the machine against attrition

Electrostatic powder coat used in machine and it protects the machine against corrosion

Galvanized steel used in carrying lines in order to prevent corrosion,

The chained drum system provides steel movement on the line and enables more long life expectancy rather than strapped system.


Electrical and Hydraulic Power units are hidden below the machine in order to make space for operators.

MATRIX 45 S has modular type and easy to assembly & disassembly

Easy adjustable sizes, machine length can be adjustable, shorter or longer

Blade changes are so fast & easy with the feature of 8 faces unbundled blade system

Digital Control Panel with 360 degrees movement ability

High level of security provides high level of protection.


With its digital control panel, MATRIX 45 S provide sensitive measurement advantage

With its hydraulic system, machine performance and power reaches high levels, MATRIX 45 S can cut 25 tones in 1 hour.

Hydraulic Pressure Pistons provides flawless cut and prevents rebar stretchings

The Chained Drum System enables fast movement and prevent energy losses.

Time savings with its modular type and reduces the maintenance time.

User friendly different sized collecting decoilers



8 faces unbundled blade system

Hydraulic Power Unit

One piece heat treated steel cutting body

Disassembled Modular Type,

Hidden hydraulic & electrical systems differs from the competitors