Soudogaz, in partnership with Crédit-Bail CLÉ, offers a leasing service that
very advantageous for your business

Protect your liquidity
The lease allows you to quickly access the equipment you need, while giving you the opportunity to immediately generate profits and keep your liquidity.

Simplify the process
The process is quick and simple. You only have to complete the form and forward it along with the quote request for your Soudogaz equipment and our team will take care of the rest!

Fiscal advantages
Since rent act as an expense, they are most of the time 100 % tax deductible. The idea is simple: the lease is an expense for your business that allows you to maintain a certain level of liquidity while protecting your borrowing ability.

Expense planning
When you are renting equipment, you are also paying this equipment as and when it generates profit!

We possess a wide range of machine tools for new of used equipment as well as solutions that meet your needs such as seasonal payment, profitable rates and other options.

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